4 Types of Smoke Damage

For the citizens of Idaho Falls smoke damage restoration is another service offered by Sunrise Cleaning. This type of restorative services can include machines, chemicals and techniques that are not safe for a nonprofessional to try at home. For all serious smoke damaged areas, always have a professional involved so that your problem doesn’t become worse.

Idaho Falls Smoke Damage Restoration

Do you know what type of smoke damage you’re dealing with? Probably not. Knowing this is the first step to a successful restoration. We recognize that we are guests in your home whether your home be damaged or restored. If you welcome us in to restore the smoke damaged areas, we guarantee professional service.

There are many areas of expertise we as a team hold. A big example is our extensive knowledge on the smoke types and the specific damages they can ensue. And of course, we know how to restore and clean these areas based on the type of smoke damage. Here’s a short explanation and example of why it’s important to let us take the reigns on your restoration.

4 Types of Smoke Damage


Wet Smoke

smoke surrounding a smoke detectorOne of the most difficult types of smoke damage to restore and clean is a “wet smoke”.  Slow, low temperature burning flames creates this type of smoke.  It gets its name because sometimes it creates a thick, sticky film of residue that can buildup on any surfaces. This residue causes specific damages and can emit heavy smoke odors. Wet smoke residue is very hard to clean up.

Dry Smoke

Dry smoke comes from much higher temperature fires. Dry smoke leaves behind a fine, powder substance and due to this form it can easily be cleaned from solid flat surfaces. If the surfaces are flat, no problem. This debris can be easily cleaned, but how many surfaces do you have with cracks in them? In between wood slats, title grooves, or other places that have grooves, this powder substance can get lodged in there making it very hard to clean out. If dry smoke debris stays laying around in your home, it will not stop giving off a foul odor. Easy to clean, but stinky if you don’t get it all.

Protein Smoke

Protein smoke occurs when food or other compostable material is flamed. The resulting soot of protein smoke is very hard to see. Because it’s hard to see, the light color of the soot can make it difficult to find and completely clean. This can leave your furniture and other surfaces to be damaged and discolored if the soot is allowed to sit long enough. The smell of protein smoke is like no other. Very strong and foul. This smoke type is a good example that shows good reason for the necessity of professionals.

Petroleum Smoke

Petroleum smoke comes from burning oil. This includes any oil-based substances too. This type of smoke is dark in appearances and will discolor and stain any material it touches. This smoke can ruin upholstery and flooring if not taken care of quickly.



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