Is Your Carpet Ready for Company?

Everyday there is new traffic on your carpets and rugs. During the winter months, especially the very cold days, there might be dirt, snow, ice melting salt and water tracked across your floors. The salt can get lodged in between the fibers of the carpet.  When water or snow hits this salt, it can discolor your rugs and carpet.

It is these winter months that we try to stay inside and keep warm. It’s fun to have the company of other friends and family over to help pass the time as we wait for the sunny summer months to return. Don’t be embarrassed by the stains and smells of your stale carpet when your in-laws come to visit.

Sunrise Cleaning holds Idaho Falls home carpet cleaning services to a high standard. You deserve and we provide top quality cleaning services for your carpets and rugs. Our technology and knowledge about carpet cleaning is incomparable to similar services in town.

Idaho Falls Home Carpet Cleaning Services:

  • Idaho Falls home carpet cleaning services by Sunrise CleaningPre Vacuuming
  • Application of Pre Conditioner
  • Detail cleaning of corners and edges
  • Double cleaning of Traffic Areas
  • Move most furniture
  • Use AirPath fans to “Speed” dry carpet
  • Free bottle of “Home Pro” spotter
  • Cleaning meets IICRC Standards
  • 30 Day Guarantee

Gift a Carpet Cleaning Service to a Friend

It’s easy to forget about the dirt in the carpet.  This is especially true when it’s a slow going build up.  You’ve heard the new phrase “nose blind”. Sometimes a slowly increasing smell can’t even be detected by the inhabitants of the house because they’ve simply gotten used to it.

Set up a carpet cleaning appointment for a friend and when we’re finished cleaning their floors to the highest standard, they won’t be able to thank you enough. For everyone living in Idaho Falls home carpet cleaning should be at least an annual occurrence.

We are guests in your home and we will behave so. We guarantee our work with a 30 Day Guarantee. If you do not feel your carpet and rugs have been restored to their clean, original beauty then our job is not finished. Give us a call today and get your carpet ready for the next time company comes to visit. They will notice a difference in your home.

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