Flood & Water Damage

Regardless of whether we like winter weather or not, winter is fast approaching.  With winter comes freezing temperatures that in some cases can cause broken pipes resulting in flooding and water damage in your home or office.  If the flood and water damage isn’t taken care properly your home or office could also be subjected …

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Contents Solutions

Agents and adjusters are just “supposed” to know everything that is and isn’t covered in every client’s policy.  This can be overwhelming to say the least.  However, agents and adjusters will find it a pleasant surprise to have Sunrise Cleaning as an ally!We have included a complimentary copy of “Contents Solutions” for you to read.  …

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Do You Have Mold? 8 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Mold Remediation Company

Finding mold or other similar problems in your home or business can be a devastating experience. The disruption it causes is can be very unsettling. At Sunrise Cleaning, we understand the nature of smoke, fire, water, and mold damage, and more importantly, we understand the emotional toll it can take on our clients.  Our primary goal …

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Leaks Happen – Be Ready!

You know the normal sounds your home makes. The air conditioner kicking on as the dog days of summer begin. The heating system starting up on a cold, winter evening. The creak of a loose floorboard as someone rises early in the morning. What you don’t normally hear — and you do not want to …

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Idaho Falls Fire Damage Experts

When making any large purchase or investment, you take your time to make sure you’re using the best services with the most respected company. Searching out online reviews and talking with friends and family about who they have worked with is an important part of finding the right company. The Idaho Falls fire damage experts …

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