Common Causes of House Fires in Idaho Falls

Accidents will happen. House fires in Idaho Falls are sadly all too common. At any sign of a fire that cannot be put out immediately by you, 911 should be called as quickly as possible. Every minute is golden and necessary for the success of the fire department to put out the house fire. Houses affected by fire damage in Idaho Falls may be able to be completely cleaned and restored by Sunrise Cleaning.

We pride ourselves on the shock and amazement we see on our clients’ faces after every restoration we do. We are a company focused around people. If your home has fire damage in Idaho Falls, don’t mourn over this loss just yet. Give us a call as soon as possible so we can get there to assess the damage and consult you on your options. It’s a strong bet to assume there is more than can be restored than you might think.

The best offense is a good defense. We’ve compiled a list of common causes of fires in homes. Take a walk through your house today and make sure you’re as prepared as possible.

Common Starts of Fire Damage in Idaho Falls

Kitchen Mishaps

As you can imagine, the kitchen is where most house fires are known to start. While cooking on a gas stove top, always ensure that rags, hot pads and towels (or any other flammable material) is multiple feet away from the open flame.

Floorboard Heaters

Many people seek out gas furnace heated homes because it will save on monthly costs. You might consider looking at buying or renting your next property with a gas furnace also because electric floorboard heaters have been known to cause fire damage in Idaho Falls. If you have a low hanging floorboard heater by a carpeted floor raises the probability even further.

Electrical Appliances

How old is your toaster? Your microwave? Coffee maker? More importantly, how old are their power cords?  Do they have a 3 prong plug with a ground? Old electrical appliances can easily cause a house fire. Sometimes the biggest fires start with the smallest spark.


Proper planning should always be used when leaving candles burning in your home. Never be in a different room than the lit candle and especially never leave the house while one is burning. The flicker of a flame on a wick can change directions with the slightest passing wind. Be smart and don’t light too many at a time. The more candles burning means the higher chance you have that one will catch something on fire in your home.

Fire damage in Idaho Falls can sometimes be caused by kids' curiosity about fireKids’ Curiosity

Kids are going to play with matches; you can’t stop them from curiosity. The best way to avoid an innocent mistake on the part of a child is to teach them about fire and the dangers it can pose.

Flammable Liquids

Your gasoline is probably (hopefully) stored in your garage or outdoor storage area, but all of these liquids are commonly found in the home and are very, very flammable. Be cautious of where you store these flammable liquids:

  • paint solvents
  • lighter fluid
  • dry cleaning agents
  • butane
  • oil
  • spray paint


Stay safe and if you have a problem and need services of  fire restoration in Idaho Falls, give the company with the most experience in this field a call.

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