What To Consider With A Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen is arguably the most important room in your home with probably the most traffic. Many families choose to remodel their kitchen at some point in time due to families growing larger, grandkids, changes in taste, and a whole laundry list of other reasons. For those of you about to plan your own kitchen remodel let’s get into the most important factors to consider.


In a kitchen, every inch of space is important. The square footage of your kitchen will be the biggest factor in how your remodel is done. Will you have enough room for an island or second sink? Do you have room for that extra storage you want?

Current Layout

There are always ways to modify the layout of your kitchen. Are you able to remove windows and doors? Can you remove walls? Before you step into where to put additions think about these 4 important aspects of your current kitchen first:

  1. How do you move around in the space you have?
  2. Does the space accommodate your cooking?
  3. Is it easy to move from the stove to the sink?
  4. Is it crowded when more than one person is cooking?


How old is your kitchen? Are the wiring and plumbing in good condition? The infrastructure of your kitchen are the pieces and parts you don’t see much of but are an important part to consider. Technology has improved a great deal over time and you may want to consider upgrading the “nervous system” of your kitchen.

The floors are another thing to consider. Is your floor squeaky? Does it sag or is it just out of date? Is there water damage? The floor can be a big part of your budget for your kitchen remodel so be sure about what you would like to do with your floor.


How do you plan to use your kitchen? Are you planning on cooking for 20 family members every holiday? What type of cook are you? The way you sue your kitchen now is a good indication of how you will be using it after the remodel. Your lifestyle is the “spirit” of your kitchen. The view through the window. Tripping over your children as they pick their favorite cereal. Make your kitchen reflect your lifestyle.


The fastest way to go over your budget is to make changes during the remodel. Choosing what you want before you see as a part of your kitchen is difficult to do. You may like one style when you create the budget but later choose to go for a different style during the remodel. This can end up being an expensive over-shot of your budget. Having a detailed budget showing prices of each item will help you stay within your budget.

Be as realistic as you can. It is easy to get carried away with excitement when planning a kitchen remodel. A good number to shoot for when putting your budget together is 10% of your overall home value.

Your kitchen is the part of your home where the whole family spends a great deal of time. Over the years you have come up with great ideas on how to make your kitchen work to your family’s needs. We want to help you achieve that goal.

Let Sunrise Cleaning be your Idaho Falls kitchen remodel contractor.

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