Day After Christmas Chaos

Living room outlet needing fire damage restorationChristmas was wonderful this year! The morning held the commonly shared traditions and were set in memory on our family’s history through photographs and videos. The best mess is the moguls of crumpled wrapping paper on the floor hiding the second favorite toys. It was a merry Christmas indeed. The next day however was a nightmare of chaos, fear and worry. Thankfully no one was hurt! The wrapping paper, while a nice reminder of the day’s events, should’ve been cleaned up sooner. The fire hazard of a power strip that ran all of the Christmas tree lights and the decorations in the living room, sparked the paper and we had ourselves our first house fire. Quickly, with the punch bowl no less, we were able to extinguish most of the fire before completely dousing the rest with a bucket of water from the kitchen. The living room memories were charred and after a long exhale, hugs all around, we had a new mess. We needed an Idaho Falls fire damage restoration company for this mess. Sunrise Cleaning came over and very quickly got our lives back in order.

Everyone will have surprises and unexpected events in life. Sometimes these events are good, sometimes they help us grow our character. A small house fire is nothing you expect, but you should still plan for it. Remember to always keep a fire extinguisher in your house. Keeping one in or near the kitchen is a good idea as this is where most house fires start. If you do have a home fire and you’re left with the black, smokey mess, don’t accept that your home can’t be restored to the way it looked the day before. Sunrise Cleaning will be there to restore your house and your life.

Idaho Falls Fire Damage Restoration Services

We offer unique and specialized products along with individualized techniques to restore our neighbors’ and friends’ fire damaged homes. You will not meet a more caring and professional group of individuals than the ones at Sunrise. We know you are frightened and concerned. Give us the time we need to clean up and restore your home while you just relax and let us take over your worry.

We live in a very dry climate and sometimes all it takes for a big fire is a small spark. Fire damage seems like something so irreversible that it’s impossible to fix. If you need an Idaho Falls fire damage restoration company, give us the chance to prove your worry wrong.

Give us a call: (208) 529-4762


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