My Dishwasher Flooded My Kitchen

There are days…there are truly days when I just need a break. I got the kids fed, cleaned, dressed and out to the bus like a champion single dad all the while thinking I was earning bonus points because I woke up early to get the dishwasher started. As I stood outside with my kids waiting for the bus I was relaxed thinking I would go back inside, get myself ready for work and be able to go to work worry free. After I said goodbye and went back in the house I opened the door to a flood in my kitchen. My dishwasher had been flooding over that whole time! Calling in late to work is not a great feeling but it had to be done. The next phone call I needed to make was to an Idaho Falls flood damage restoration company. I found Sunrise Cleaning online and they were amazing. They cleaned up the mess, checked the floors for further damage and restored my kitchen to even better than the way it looked the day before.

Idaho Falls Flood Damage Restoration

Sunrise Cleaning has offered Idaho Falls flood damage restoration services for years and will continue to work hard for you and your family. A flood is never something we expect or plan for. No one wants to deal with a flooded kitchen because who has time for that?

TES drying system for Idaho Falls flood damage restoration servicesOur flood damage restoration services includes a professional drying system called TES Drying System.  This system puts out enormous amounts of heat to stop the moisture from evaporating and spreading.  This system is only used by Sunrise Cleaning in Idaho Falls and will dry out your flooded floors three times faster than any other system or group of individuals could hope to. By drying out your flooded areas with large amounts of heat, we are also ensuring a much less likelihood of you dealing with mold in the future.

We do not offer just cleaning services. We are a proud restoration service company which means we will restore your kitchen, basement or wherever you experience a flood, back to its original state if not better. We will take our time and do the job right the first time.

The funny thing about floods is … there is nothing funny about a flood. We will treat your home like it’s ours and not stop until the area is clean and restored back to a home. If you walk in to find a flood in your house, give us a call as soon as possible. The faster we can get over there, the better job we can do. Flood damage typically comes from water sitting for too long.

For your Idaho Falls flood restoration needs,
call Sunrise Cleaning: (208) 529-4762


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