Got Gross Grout? Get it Out!

Sunrise Cleaning has the years of experience to be correctly labeled as the most meticulous tile and grout cleaners in the area. Idaho Falls tile and grout cleaning services are offered throughout various companies in our beautiful town, but Sunrise has proven themselves through hundreds of cleaning projects.

Does your kitchen floor look like it has been walked through one too many times? Would it not be nice to be able to step out of your shower on to a freshly cleaned tile floor? You’ve invested in your beautiful floors and now is the time to spring clean those grout lines.

Idaho Falls Tile and Grout Cleaning Services Saves You Embarrassment

Idaho Falls tile and grout cleaning servicesGrout lines, because it lays lower than the tile, can collect dirt, grime and dust quickly. As this dust and dirt settle it creates an off white, almost yellow color. There is no reason to be embarrassed by your stained floors. Call Sunrise Cleaning and set up an appointment today.

Farming season is starting soon and that means even more mud and dirt tracked through your home (that you just cleaned…)

Kids can be told twelve times a day to take their shoes off at the door or to wipe their feet on the rug before coming in, but you’re still going to have kids that forget or simply disregard the rules thinking they’re “just running in for something”. Over time, these small, quick trips through the house will build up dirt quickly.

Bacteria can start to grow in these grout grooves as well. Idaho Falls tile and grout cleaning services will clean and clear the air of the dangerous bacteria and germs floating through the air. Keep your your family and visiting company safe by annually having the grout lines in your tile flooring cleaned.

Tons of Types of Tile

There are various types and materials used for tile flooring. Depending on the type you have will determine the strategy of our cleaning services. Whether you have ceramic, quarry, natural stone, or rock carpet we will have those grout lines and tiles shining like they did after the first day you had them installed. We adhere to the highest standards every time and you will be amazed at the glow and shimmer of your new floor.

How to Clean Shower Tile & Grout With One Finger:

Dial (208) 523-1080 or (208) 419-6213 any time, day or night. Let’s get you set up with a brand new floor today! Be proud of your home, especially your floors.

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