Idaho Falls Fire Damage Experts

When making any large purchase or investment, you take your time to make sure you’re using the best services with the most respected company. Searching out online reviews and talking with friends and family about who they have worked with is an important part of finding the right company. The Idaho Falls fire damage experts at Sunrise Cleaning are not only showered in glowing online reviews, but chances are you know someone who Sunrise has helped. We want to help you. We want you to have the life you deserve.

Why Sunrise Cleaning Hires Only the Experts

We have over 25 years of committed service for the people in our wonderful town. We refuse to settle for mediocre cleaning and restoration services. We have the years of experience to know what should be done, what could be done and most importantly, what should not be done.

If a cleaning and restoration service in Idaho Falls uses words like “might” or “maybe”, you will hear the professionals at Sunrise Cleaning using words like “will” and “won’t”. When it comes to restoring your home it is not acceptable to be given services that is not of 100% quality. Your home is your home. We team our sympathy and ability to get you and your family back on your feet.

Idaho Falls Fire Damage

Fire damaged roof needing Idaho Falls cleaning and restorationHere in the high desert, you can always count on the hot and very dry summers. We do cool off during the evenings in the summer time nicely. In fact, I think we can all agree that’s one of our favorite parts of living in Idaho Falls. But that dry air and the occasional high winds is a mixture for disaster for potential house fires. The flames will only spread faster with the dry air.

It’s not always the house that initially catches on fire. Maybe a BBQ party goes awry, maybe the little boys are playing in the back field with fireworks without letting anyone know, maybe…anything! The point is that the air, dirt and plant life are all very dry. Idaho Falls fire damaged homes are all too common. We will always be here to help you get your life back to normal and your home cleaned and restored. But we sure hope the calls to our office spread farther apart and that your home never has to be fire damage restored.

If the day comes that you need a cleaning and restoration service, Sunrise Cleaning is the obvious and best choice in Idaho Falls. Today, we have almost 20 Google reviews and not a single one is even 4 stars. 5 out of 5 stars every time. Listen to your friends; we are the best. Give us a call today.

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