Idaho Falls Smoke Damage Restoration

smoke-damage-idaho-falls-2When a fire occur the most pressing thing on everyone’s mind is getting out safely and without injury. After a fire health is the number one thing that people worry about, but what many people do not worry about is the safety of their home following the fire. There are a lot of health problems that can be caused by the ash and smoke that is left in the home even if you cannot see it. Many times a room will look untouched by fire, but in reality the entire home will likely be contaminated even if the fire was contained. For this reason it is very important to think about hiring an Idaho Falls Smoke Damage restoration company to help clean your home.

Some people think that they can handle their own Idaho Falls Smoke Damage, but the truth is that it is actually a complicated matter that requires extensive experience for safe results. In addition, removing smoke damage takes either a lot of time or manpower and most people do not have either. The problem is that smoke and ash can cause discoloration, etching, corrosion, odors, and cause hazardous breathing conditions. However, you cannot always see the smoke damage so a room that might look clear can be harboring the same dangerous condition as the rest of the home.

Make sure to choose a company that has been properly certified to perform Idaho Falls Smoke Damage restoration in your home. Most companies will say that they are professionals and can get smoke out of any home, but for the best results and for the health of your family only choose a company that has proper certification and training. Look for the certification before hiring any company regardless of what you are told on the phone because after a fire you likely will hear from quite a few companies.

Keep in mind that it is important to call a smoke damage restoration team immediately after a fire for the most efficient and cost effective results. The longer that you wait to call for help the more damage that smoke and ash residue will cause. Ash will discolor surfaces and plastic, finishes, and fiberglass. In a few more days it will also start to tarnish metals. Wait a few more days and upholstery and clothing will start to discolor and most of time these items cannot be saved once they are contaminated.

You can prevent this from occurring by calling in an Idaho Falls Smoke Damage restoration company immediately after a fire. The first thing that will do is assess what areas and materials are affected by the fire so they can design a game plan. They will thoroughly assess any room in a home or business and assess where ass residue has built up and where odors are present. They can then begin to treat the affected areas with the goal of minimizing the damage that has been done to your home by smoke damage in the most efficient manner possible.

Sunrise Cleaning and Restoration is a professional smoke damage restoration provider in Idaho Falls and surrounding areas in Eastern Idaho and Jackson, Wyoming. Contact Sunrise with any questions or for more information at 208-529-4762 or 208-523-1080 for 24/7/365 Emergency Services.

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