Idaho Falls Water Damage Restoration

water-damage-idaho-falls-3The way that businesses deal with water damage has become almost a science in recent years. This is because the more we know about the effect water damage can have on not only a structure, but the health of the occupants, the more we understand that Idaho Falls water damage is a serious clean up issue. There are a few things to understand when considering why laying some towels down is not always the best way to deal with a severe excess water situation.

One of the most important things that has to be considered when Idaho Falls water damage is being assessed is how long the water damage was able to set in before a clean up crew was called in to help. Water damage isn’t just restricted to visible areas of a home or property. Water wants to expand, so when water is left unchecked in a living area that water will seek out every possible nook and cranny while sinking into building materials. Water damage can cause duct work to rust and get into electrical outlets causing potential shorts or even fires. Standing water can corrode flooring, particularly if the flooring is made of particle board.

An Idaho Falls water damage professional will be able to assess exactly where the water damage is and what will need to be done in order to make the area livable again. Getting a team of professionals quickly to a water damaged area can significantly reduce the likelihood of needing any heavy renovations. A damaged area that has been treated quickly may need only drying and air purifying as well as a check for black mold. An area that is allowed to sit, however, has likelihood of substantially more damage that may involve extreme measures like replacing floorboards, walls, and outlets.

Getting to the damage quickly will also help to reduce the likelihood of any health damaging mold developing. Not all mold has been linked to health issues, but black mold, or Stachybotrys, has been linked to a whole host of issues. Stachybotrys reproduces asexually, meaning that it will just continue to grow if it has a nice dark damp place to flourish. Black mold, if left to bloom, can lead to respiratory, circulatory, vision, neurological, and skin conditions. It can also cause tiredness and discomfort and puts a general strain on the body. Symptoms looks like any number of respiratory issues and infections, making early detection somewhat difficult. This is dangerous because it can cause a poor health spiral and do serious damage before the source is detected. Black mold is especially harmful for the elderly and infants, or anyone with a compromised immune system.

In many situations, all of the water and damp will have to be taken care of and the home or property repaired before owners can legally have living access to the area or even begin rebuilding the damaged portions of the structure. This is because of the structural damage that can occur as well as any mold issues. Getting a thorough assessment will help to ascertain exactly how much will need to be repaired and replaced in order to limit liability in the case of a property owner, or further structural damage and possible injury in the case of the homeowner or resident.

Allowing Idaho Falls water damage professionals to asses and repair any water damage is the first step towards getting a property back on track. These professionals will be able to help ascertain whether other damage will need to be addressed and make recommendations to that end so that the situation can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Sunrise Cleaning and Restoration is a water damage restoration professional in Idaho Falls and surrounding areas in Eastern Idaho and Jackson, Wyoming. Contact Sunrise with any questions or for more information at 208-529-4762 or 208-523-1080 for 24/7/365 Emergency Services.

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