How Do I Make Sure My Fireplace is Safe?

“Last year I had a very scary experience. It was that time of year where overnight we are all of a sudden in the dead of winter. It was absolutely freezing outside so I started a little fire in our basement fireplace. Next thing I knew, I was talking to my neighbor about local Idaho Falls fire restoration options.

My fireplace was not prepped for winter and my chimney caught blazes within minutes. My basement was left charred with a scary black covering. I want to make sure that never happens again. How do I make sure my fireplace is safe and ready to go this winter?”

basement wood burning fireplace stove that shows safe cleaning habits to avoid idaho falls fire restorationHome Fireplace Safety Tips

  • Annual Inspection – Be sure to have your fireplace cleaned and inspected by a professional every year before you start using it and keep an eye on it during the winter. Keep an eye out for buildup or any other issues.
    • The buildup you are looking for is called creosote. This is a flammable substance and is extremely dangerous to have sitting in the lining of your chimney.
    • If smoke is billowing back into your house, this is a common sign of buildup that is blocking the smoke’s escape.
  • Best Firewood – Use wood that is hard and it will burn cleaner. Hard wood types include ımaple, oak, ash and birch.
  • Clean Ashes – After a fire in your fireplace has gone out and the interior of the fireplace has cooled off, clean out the cold ashes that are left. The dirtier the interior of your fireplace, the quicker your chimney will also get dirty.

Idaho Falls Fire Restoration

Sunrise Cleaning has been in the fire restoration business for many years and has the top quality and knowledgable staff you would expect to work on your home. Accidents happen all the time and we understand. Our fire restoration services will give you the opportunity to get that “do-over” you beg for when you see your house on fire.

Smoke damage is part of the beast of fire damage, but has its own specific rearing heads of destruction. Sunrise Cleaning has vast knowledge about smoke related damage and will be able to deduce what restoration techniques are necessary for your home. Continue reading about Sunrise Cleaning smoke damage restoration.

When the Worst Happens

Don’t panic. Sunrise Cleaning will you get you your home back. We are trained in restoring your property back to its “pre-loss” condition. Give a call day or night when the worst happens:

Main Phone: 208-529-4762          Direct Line: 208-523-1080           208-419-6213



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