My Basement Has Mold on the Walls! What Do I Do?

mold on the wall in the basement by the windowI love my house. I’ve lived here for many years. The basement is one of the main reasons I bought this place. The other day I was stopped in my tracks on my way down the steps into my man cave. I saw, there on the wall, mold spots. I don’t know much about mold except that it is very bad to inhale and I couldn’t enjoy being downstairs in my mancave anymore knowing that I have mold in my walls. I thought mold was really only a problem in wet climate areas but I live in Idaho Falls, ID. It is anything but humid here most days.
I want my man cave back for football season!

Are there any mold removing services in Idaho Falls?

The best prices and quality of service for mold removing services in Idaho Falls is guaranteed to be Sunrise Cleaning. Cleaning up mold damage always turns out to be more daunting of a task than you think it’s going to be in the beginning. When mold is finally showing on your walls, it means it’s been there for quite some time. You really do need to start taking steps to clean up the mold damage today.

Sunrise Cleaning understands the frustrating and despairing anger that comes with losing precious memories because of mold damage. Our mold removing services is the best thing you can do to stop any future family photos from being ruined. Yes, Idaho is typically a very dry climate but mold can really grow anywhere that there is any water. It’s important to keep on eye on pipes and doorways. Sunrise Cleaning and Restoration will inspect and clean the trouble areas of your home. Your kitchen, laundry and bathroom are all areas where humidity can be elevated.

Has it rained or flooded recently? Is your roof leaking? If you notice that you have any sitting water anywhere in your house, give us a call today and let us look around to give you peace of mind that your home is free from any dangerous mold. Those mold spores are even more dangerous for little kids. So, make sure and get your mold removing services on the way today.

Mold Removing Services in Idaho Falls
by Sunrise Cleaning

Take care of your mold damage this week and give us a call today. 

Our main phone line is (208) 529-4762 or you can also reach us on our direct lines at either
(208) 523-1080 or (208) 419-6213.

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