My Basement Flooded, Now What?

Flood RestorationThe rain lately has been nuts! One minute we have beautiful sunshine, then the black dark clouds on the horizon grow quickly and we have sheets of rain pouring down! But the always-changing, never giving warning weather is just one part of eastern Idaho I’ve grown to love and accept. Sometimes, when I see the lightning in the distance and feel the rumble of the thunder, I’ll go stand outside to watch the storm roll in.  I love the smell of an oncoming rain storm.

There are some positive and pretty cool parts of a rain storm, but when you’re ready to go inside, warm up and dry off, there is nothing worse than coming inside to find the basement completely flooded!

How Do I Dry a Flooded Basement in Idaho Falls?

Idaho Falls doesn’t have nearly as much rain as it does snow, but both can leak water through to your basement. If you neglect a flooded basement and put off calling a professional, your problems will only increase and intensify. The best way to make sure your flooded basement is dried out completely is to give that responsibility to a professional.  If you have a flooded basement in Idaho Falls, Sunrise Cleaning is the best company to call.

Sunrise Cleaning will make sure your basement is completely dried out and restored. Get your home back on track and your life back into the normal swing of things again.  Flooded basements are no fun, we understand. Let us take on the project so you can forget the stress. Give us a call today

Give us a call today to discuss your flooded basement in Idaho Falls. Our main phone line is (208) 529-4762or you can also reach us on our direct lines at either (208) 523-1080 or (208) 419-6213.

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Solutions for a Flooded Basement in Idaho Falls


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