My Dog Peed On My Carpet! How Do I Clean It?

bad dog peed on the carpet! I need carpet cleaning in Idaho FallsCarpet Cleaning in Idaho Falls

I grew up with pets in the house. Sometimes they really make a house a home. I’m definitely a dog-guy, but I suppose a kitten is also cute…I suppose. But of course, pets come with an extra responsibility on the owner’s part to keep the pooch clean and the areas that he travels. Your pets are going to leave an odor that you have to clean up. Carpet cleaning is not an easy task if you’re combating dog or cat odors. If your pet pees or worse…on your carpet, you will probably need to get it professionally clean. Let me explain why.

multi-level-Carpet-cleaningYour carpet is made up of multiple layers that can be very hard to clean with traditional methods. Yes, there are machines you can rent from hardware stores, but if you are tackling a job after your dog “did a job”, you need your carpet cleaning carried out by a professional with professional equipment.

If pet’s urine soaks through the face yarn, it will quickly be soaked up by the carpet padding underneath. Carpet padding is a very spongy material that is very porous. The stench of this will sit in the padding and possibly even soak down through the wood sub floor. If you are dealing with sub floors needing cleaned, we have a special neutralizer that we will flood the area with then extract to clean it.

When you need professional carpet cleaning in the Idaho Falls area, Sunrise Cleaning is the only choice that really makes sense. We are the best company for prices and quality of work. We will get your carpet back to its beautiful clean shine. We offer carpet cleaning for residential homes and commercial buildings.  Don’t be known for having the house that has “that smell”. Take care of your carpet cleaning needs this week and give us a call at

Pet odor carpet cleaning in Idaho Falls
by Sunrise Cleaning

Take care of your carpet cleaning needs this week and give us a call today. 

Our main phone line is (208) 529-4762 or you can also reach us on our direct lines at either
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