Roof Ice Buildup Leads to Water Damage

Ice damming is a common and unfortunately major source of water damage to many homes. Ice dams are something to look for to avoid the need for water damage restoration. Water damage is bad news and we don’t want you to have to deal with it. If you do have damage from flooding or sitting water, give us a call as soon as possible so we can get working on it. The longer water sits, the more damage is will do to your home.

What is an Ice Dam?

When the heat from your house furnace, fireplace, space heaters, etc is convected into your attic area through holes in insulation it is not only wasting heat and running up your electricity bill, but it could be starting serious complications for later. If that heat gets up into the attic it will start to condense when met with the cold temperatures being conducted through the materials of the roof.

When the heat in the attic warms the sitting snow on the roof, the snow will melt only in areas that is above 32 degrees and will drop down towards your gutters until it hits another section of the roof that is back below 32 degrees and will freeze to ice. This ice builds up and creates a dam that holds back the snow from falling off your roof.

Why Are Ice Dams So Bad?

water damage restoration may be needed if you don't remove ice damsYou will know if you have major ice damming problems if you notice those very large and “beautiful” icicles hanging from back behind your gutters. These icicles take much longer to melt from the radiation of the sun and so you will have sitting water on your roof for longer than you needed to. This sitting water weight could be bearing down on areas of your roof that could cause a leak and lead to a drip into your attic that you don’t notice until it’s too late and you need water damage restoration.

Sunrise Cleaning has the best equipment in Idaho Falls to get your house clean and dry again if you do need us. We wish for the happiest of holidays and stress-free winter months for all our friends. We will be right there if you need us, but we hope you’ll take preventative steps to avoid needing to call us!

How to Avoid Water Damage from Ice Damming

Proper insulation is imperative to a happy home. You want to keep the heat from escaping to not only the outdoors, but into your attic as well especially if that space is mostly meant for storage. You want to be able to regulate the temperature no matter how warm you keep it up there. Avoid the need for water damage restoration by thinking ahead and preparing your home for winter this year.

  • Seal off possible air leaks
    • Check where cables and cords enter through the walls or ceiling
  • Cap the attic hatch
  • Add insulation to the floor of your attic
    • This will keep heat in the living room from escaping upward
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