Smokers Lived Here Before. How Can I Clean it?

On a financial venture last year, my wife and I invested in an older apartment building to rent out. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at the landlord business. I grew up learning trade skills like electrical, plumbing and appliance repair so I already had some of the skills necessary. Because this was our first business we owned, we had to start with an affordable building.

The building used to allow smoking inside. I planned to have my residents that smoke, to do so outside. Before renting the first unit, we had Sunrise Cleaning come over. They had the equipment for both commercial and residential carpet cleaning services. We saved money by keeping the original carpet and having Sunrise clean it. Their services made my apartment building look and smell brand new.

While most apartment buildings and public places have banned it, some owners still allow residents and patrons to smoke inside their buildings. This smell can get on the walls, carpet and even into the paint. Our carpet cleaning services are not only successful in small residential rooms can even clean the largest of commercial buildings. Having a clean carpet is necessary for the health of the residents or patrons inside.

Idaho Falls Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

Idaho Falls residential carpet cleaning exampleGet your carpet back to the way you paid for it to be! Sunrise Cleaning offers the citizens of Idaho Falls residential carpet cleaning skills and techniques that are unmatched by anyone in our area. We will first go through the entire area and pre vacuum to make sure we’ve gathered all the debris we can first. We apply a pre conditioner that starts to work right away at the grime that’s been settling deep into your carpet.

Corners and edges are always the hardest to clean in any situation because gravity and the motions of cleaning tend to gather dirt there. That’s why we do a detailed cleaning of corners and edges! High traffic areas will get double the attention and cleaning since they probably get more than double the traffic anyway.

Fast Work, Quality Results

We won’t take too much of your time. We work hard and fast to give you the best results. We will use AirPath fans to speed dry your carpets and will ensure quality with walk-throughs to use a bottle of “Home Pro” spotter to finish cleaning stubborn areas. We would never offer our neighbors Idaho Falls residential carpet cleaning services that were not the best we could absolutely do. Our cleaning services meet the IICRC standards every time and we have a 30 day guarantee.

Does your building’s carpet need cleaned? Are you perhaps going “nose blind” to the smells around you? Sunrise Cleaning has the solutions. Give us a call today: (208) 529-4762

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