Spring Carpet Cleaning in Idaho Falls

It’s that time of year again. The smell of spring is in the air and we can’t wait for the upcoming summer months. We made it through the rough and weird winter of Idaho and look forward to a fresh start of a new season. We often find ourselves cleaning rooms and closet spaces that are typically neglected throughout the winter months. The cold winter air keeps us cooped up indoors for far too many hours each day rather than spending our free time outside like we do in the spring and summer. With all this extra traffic the carpets can really take a heavy toll. As much as we’d like to clean the carpets, there are higher priority items that need taken care of around the house.  The cost of renting a carpet cleaner, purchasing the correct detergent and the time it takes to do it yourself are all reasons that folks seem to put off cleaning their carpets. If you’re going to do spring cleaning, why not do it completely right?

Carpet Cleaning in Idaho Falls

The professionals at Sunrise Cleaning love cleaning carpets. That may sound weird to you, but it’s true! There is nothing better than being able to help people. We offer an affordable service that you’ve always wanted to have done in your home, but always seem to find reasons and excuses as to why you’ve never done it. Cleaning carpets can be an overwhelming task for some people. Furniture needs to be moved. A heavy duty carpet cleaner probably needs to be rented from a local hardware store. The detergent needs to be purchased and you have to set aside a whole day to do it. Who has an entire free day this week? Very few people have that luxury.

carpet cleaning in Idaho Falls offered through Sunrise CleaningFor a company you can wholly trust to provide quality carpet cleaning in Idaho Falls, call Sunrise. You won’t be disappointed. 208-529-4762

Sunrise Cleaning uses the techniques recommended by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

Once it’s Clean, Keep it That Way

It’s guaranteed that after you get a room finally clean to perfection, someone will come in tracking footprints of dirt (or maybe worse) through your rooms. What a shame it would be to go to all that trouble to only be able to enjoy the cleanliness for a short period of time. Plan ahead by signing up for the service that is most popular at Sunrise Cleaning: the “Stay Beautiful” program.

Stay Beautiful

With a low monthly fee, Sunrise Cleaning professionals will continually keep your home carpets clean throughout the whole year. No need to worry about the dirt build up throughout the winter. You won’t have to constantly remind everyone who comes into your home to take off their shoes. You can simply live your life. How great would that be to be able to come home after work once a month and find your home with fresh, clean carpets? There are multiple reviews of customers who can attest to the awesomeness of this service.

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