What’s In Your Kit?

What’s In Your Kit? Do you have an emergency kit stocked for 72 hours?  It is important to have an emergency kit stocked and ready.  It is also important to make sure to check   the items in your kit haven’t expired and if they have to replace them.  Most of the items are inexpensive and easy …

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Take Action!

  10 Ways To Participate In America’s PrepareAthon! Access Alerts and Warnings:  Sign up for local alerts and warnings, download apps, and/or check access for wireless emergency alerts.  The Be Smart. Know Your Alerts and Warnings. Test Communication Plans:  The Be Smart. Take Part: Create Your Family Emergency Communication Plan handout guides you through developing and testing a plan …

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My Basement Flooded, Now What?

The rain lately has been nuts! One minute we have beautiful sunshine, then the black dark clouds on the horizon grow quickly and we have sheets of rain pouring down! But the always-changing, never giving warning weather is just one part of eastern Idaho I’ve grown to love and accept. Sometimes, when I see the lightning in …

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