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10 Ways To Participate In America’s PrepareAthon!

  1. Access Alerts and Warnings:  Sign up for local alerts and warnings, download apps, and/or check access for wireless emergency alerts.  The Be Smart. Know Your Alerts and Warnings.
  2. Test Communication Plans:  The Be Smart. Take Part: Create Your Family Emergency Communication Plan handout guides you through developing and testing a plan for your household.
  3. Assemble or Update Supplies:  Each hazard-specific How to Prepare guide, under the “Take Action” section of ready.gov/prepare, discusses important supplies you will need if you have to evacuate or be home without water or electricity.
  4. Drill or Practice Emergency Response:  Conduct a drill to practice emergency response actions for local hazards.The “Take Action” section of ready.gov/prepare many helpful hints.
  5. Plan With Neighbors:  Almost half of Americans expect to rely a great deal on their neighbors after a disaster. Start the conversation now with these Neighbor Helping Neighbor strategies.
  6. Participate In A Class, Training or Discussion:  Each hazard-specific Prepare Your Organization Playbook includes an agenda, talking points, and resources to hold a preparedness discussion. Visit the “Take Action” section of ready.gov/prepare for more information. Contact your local emergency management agency to find training that may be available in your community
  7. Conduct An Exercise:  Conduct an exercise of a disaster scenario to review and improve your emergency plan.
  8. Make Property Safer:  Make property improvements to reduce potential injury and property damage (mitigation).  Each How To Prepare guide provides information on how to reduce property damage and potential injury from each hazard. Visit the “Take Action” section of ready.gov/prepare for more information.
  9. Document and Insure Property:  Document property and obtain appropriate insurance for relevant hazards.  The Be Smart. Take Part. Document and Insure Your Property.
  10. Safeguard Documents:  Collect and safeguard critical documents.  Be Smart. Protect Your Critical Documents and Valuables.

Learn about all ten different actions you can take with your family, organization, and local community to prepare for emergencies and participate and download the 10 Ways to Participate in America’s PrepareAthon! Guide.

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