The Nightmare of Idaho Falls Flash Floods & Water Damage

Idaho Falls weather changes faster than a chameleon in a wallpaper store. We are definitely not immune or guaranteed a lack of flash floods in our area. The rain during the tail end of September this month has shown that to be very true. Nothing ruins the awe or the beauty of rain like water damage. Water damage can leave stains on floors, upholstery, carpets, walls, you name it! Water damage has no discretion, it leaves a mess wherever it lands.

Water Damaged Basement in Idaho FallsHave you had to deal with water damage in your home? Have you seen what a mess people are left with after a basement floods? It’s truly a nightmare. I should note, that when I refer to water damage I’m not just talking about a small spill or an overflowed sink that’s easy to clean up with a mop. I mean the kind of water damage that leaves you speechless.  Idaho Falls has proven its ability to host flash floods and heavy rain storms. With all this precipitation is our possible future, you need to know who to call if you ever have to deal with water damage in Idaho Falls.

Sunrise Cleaning and Restoration has a reputation in town for being the best. This is a statement easily backed by our customer’s testimonials.

We offer 24/7 water damage restoration services

The worst thing you can do when confronted with having to figure out solutions for water damage is to put it off and procrastinate. The sooner you call us is best. The longer that water has to sit on your floors, the deeper it and the damage will go.

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