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Idaho Falls Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration for Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls Water DamageThere are many ways that homes in South East Idaho can become water damaged. Each year hundreds of floods occur and drive out around 75,000 Americans per year. Flooding is not the only way to get water damage. The most common way to get water damage is a burst pipe in the basement or somewhere else in the home that would cause flooding. At Sunrise Cleaning and Restoration we are great at restoring water damage in Idaho Falls and water damage throughout Southeastern Idaho. We will get in there and clean up the damage caused by excess moisture quick and easy so that it will not be an inconvenience to you at all. We understand the emotional and physical pain that water damage can cause you and your family and we want to help.

Idaho Falls Water Damage Equipment Idaho Falls Water Damage Equipment Idaho Falls Water Damage Equipment

At Sunrise Cleaning and Restoration we really do like to make the water damage in Idaho Falls clean up as quick and painless as we possibly can. Our seasoned professionals has over 25 years of experience in cleaning water damage and mold damage in your home or place of work. We use the TES system of cleaning up your water damage. That is the quickest and most reliable way of cleaning your water damaged house. It puts extra heat on the water damage and that makes the water evaporate up to three times faster than other cleaning methods. Using the TES system also helps protect against mold which can easily occur after water damage is left to sit a little bit. We strive to make things easier for you.

Water damage in Idaho Falls can be very costly and cause a lot of stress. Why make it more stressful by going to another less reputable cleaning company. More and more of our customers are putting their trust in us – so why not you? Give us a call now and we will make it easy for you so that you can get back your life faster.

Contact us today if we can offer any assistance with your Idaho Falls Water Damage or any other Idaho Falls Restoration needs.

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