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Sunrise’s Shelley Carpet cleaning is here for you to help impress others with your clean,  spotless carpets and home. With over 35 years of experience in cleaning services, we are here to help you clean so you don’t have to! If your carpet is one you would not be comfortable lying on, it may be time for a routine cleaning. We specialize in all types of cleaning services for your home, not just carpets!

Create a lasting first impression with a clean home, free of stains and odors with Sunrise Carpet Cleaning Services in Shelley, Idaho! We can give new life to your carpets, rugs, upholstery, ducts and vents with the services that we offer.

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Our Shelley Cleaning Services

residential carpet cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Let the first impression others have of your home be a positive one. You can have fresh smelling carpets free of debris, stains and dust. Your carpet can look brand new again, even if it is many years old. Routine carpet cleaning is very important for many reasons, such as keeping your home free of toxins and allergens, and having better air quality in your home. Breathing in dust that has been sitting in your carpets for years is not good for your health, especially if you have allergies.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Everyday, customers track in dirt, hair, dust, and who knows what else. High traffic will cause your carpets to dirty quickly, trapping dirt deep into the fibers if you do not keep up a routine carpet cleaning. Nothing is more unprofessional than an unsightly workplace with dirty and stained carpets. Maintaining a clean work environment will help keep your business professional and presentable with spotless, fresh carpets. Our specialized equipment is able to clean on a commercial level, tackling the toughest set in stains.

Upholstery Furniture Cleaning

We can clean upholstery in your home or your workplace. Many people do not think about cleaning beyond vacuuming their couches. We make sure that your couches and furniture are fresh and ready to be used. Keep your investments from appearing worn and dingy, looking their best with a good upholstery cleaning.

rug cleaning

Specialty Rug Cleaning

Special rugs such as Oriental rugs and designer rugs require special attention and care to ensure their quality is not damaged. We have decades of experience in caring for the most expensive and high quality rugs. We will ensure the quality of any rug, while making sure it is spotless and clean, making you think you just got a new rug.

Pet Odor and Stain Treatment

Pets are our family, however they are not very gentle on our carpets. Accidents happen, and pet hair and dander can fall deep into your carpets. Since we are in our homes so much, we often do not notice when it starts to smell like our pets. Ensure your carpets are clean and free from pet dander and stains. We can specially treat your carpets to rid it of animal scents, for a fresh clean smell.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile is very durable and makes for a great flooring that will last for decades. Tile is a favored option as it can be easier to keep the house clean, without getting dust stuck deep in the fibers as carpet does. The one drawback is that the grout can actually become more dirty when you are trying to mop it clean. Let us take care of the difficult task of cleaning your grout and tile.

dryer vent cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Did you know that too much dust buildup in your dryer vent can cause a fire? After a few years, the dust will build up in your dryer over time. It is important to clear the vent fully of any lint build up to ensure your dryer works at its maximum capacity, and to avoid dangerous house fires. You will be able to tell that lint is building up if it is taking longer and longer to run your dryer cycles. We can come check your dryer and let you know if it needs a good cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaning

Dust unfortunately finds its way everywhere, and is just not something that we can avoid. After time, dust will build up in our air ducts, causing it to be a great place for mold and bacteria to grow. Then once you turn on your air or heat, those allergens and dirty air are blown throughout your home, causing you to breathe it in. We also offer air duct cleaning services and have the proper equipment to clean or avoid mold in your vents.

Why Choose Shelley, ID Carpet Cleaning Services?

stained carpet

Eliminate Harmful Toxins

Fluffy long carpet, or any carpet can become a trap where toxins and allergens build up and hide in your carpet fibers. Dust mites, dander, pet hair, and bacterias can be toxic to breathe in for your family, employees, or customers. Don’t let the people important to you breathe in dirty air due to this buildup.

before and after stains

Remove Unsightly Stains

Your carpet is bound to get stains, just from day to day living. If you have pets and children, the stains may be impossible to prevent. Don’t let your children’s messy mistakes cause you to lose sleep. Our specialized equipment and detergents will remove the toughest stains and any embarrassing smells from your carpet to reveal the way it looked when it was new. Never be embarrassed about your carpet stains again!

upholstry cleaning

Maintain Your Investment

We know you had to initially invest in your carpet and furniture, but completely replacing carpet, rugs and furniture can become incredibly costly. We want you to be able to enjoy your carpet the way you did when you first stepped onto it. If your upholstery or carpet could use some TLC, you will be able to extend the life of all your furniture with our incredible Shelley carpet cleaning services.

sunrise cleaning

Customize Your Services

Sunrise Cleaning in Shelley Idaho is happy to provide a customized service based on your needs. Every home and every carpet is different with its own needs. We will provide a thorough cleaning service to address whatever you are wishing to get cleaned. Contact your Shelley Idaho Carpet cleaners today!

A Few Words

From Our Incredible Clients

  • Mike was able to come to my home and give me an estimate on my flood damage within 2 hours after calling Sunrise. He was very friendly and put my worries at ease after another company told me that I needed extensive foundation work, which was not the case. His team did an awesome job removing the damage, including mold, and drying out the place. Highly recommended.

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    Tom Prouse
  • Sunrise is professional, kind, and efficient. We were very happy with their work!

    Read More
    Anya Wilson
  • Mike from Sunrise Cleaning was not only prompt at replying to my call but was prompt through the whole process. They were professional and courteous and thorough in their work. I would recommend them every time!

    Read More
    Heather Young
  • Always a pleasure having Sunrise do carpet cleaning - fast, friendly and efficient!

    Read More
    Rick Lake
  • Blake and Ron are awesome! They cleaned my carpet and did a fabulous job! I would highly recommend them to anyone! Use Sunrise and you'll be grateful you did!

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    Marilyn Anderson
  • While on vacation recently, I discovered a relative with a serious mold problem in their basement. Mike and his crew set me up with a kit of gear that permitted me to quickly and properly remediate the problem areas. In the course of my discussions with Mike and his staff and the tour of their facilities and gear, I found them to be extremely knowledgeable, experienced and well equipped. These folks are simply awesome. I can recommend them without reservation for anyone needing mold remediation, water dryout or carpet cleaning services!

    Read More
    Randall Moon
  • Sunrise Cleaning has a reputation for being the best in the area so we had them clean all the carpets in our house. They did an excellent job! With their great reputation, I was afraid they would be high priced, but the cost was very reasonable. We will definitely use their services again.

    Read More
    Darrel Beebe
  • Sunrise did a great job with my carpet cleaning. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Read More
    Shawn Jordan
  • Blake did an amazing job making my carpets look new again. After a long year of construction and putting in a yard it was beyond time to have them cleaned. Thanks again Blake!

    Read More
    James Blaine
  • Great experience! They were a little more expensive than some I checked out but wanted to make sure we got a quality job and we were very satisfied! I feel like my whole house is clean again and all we did was have the carpet's cleaned!

    Read More
    Teresa Johnson
  • Mike at Sunrise was great to work with on flood damage to a commercial building. He worked with our requests to provide what was needed and nothing more. When other companies did not answer their phone, he did. Mike discussed costs openly and was reasonable. I would recommend Sunrise above other restoration companies.

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    scott folsom
  • Sunrise Cleaning's techs are AMAZING! I've seen carpet that looked like it couldn't be salvaged to looking like it was brand new. There other services such as full remodels and repairs are also amazing. Mike and his certified, trained, and highly skilled staff are very qualified to make your home or office or even RV clean, sanitary, and if you want brand new!

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    Johnny&Jenn Arellano
  • Happiness for me is a clean house and Blake has my carpets looking brand new once again! He was here on time and was professional. I am very pleased with the end result. I highly recommend Sunrise!

    Read More
    Kellie Wilde
  • We're always satisfied with Sunrise's prompt and professional services. Don't hesitate to give their team a call!

    Read More
    Rod Mason
  • I've used Sunrise for many years for all my carpet cleaning, both personal and in my business (real estate). They have always done a fabulous job, are totally reliable, courteous, and their pricing is fair. Highly recommend!

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    Linda Hill
  • Sunrise Cleaning and restoration has been cleaning our home and my Husband's office for years. I have always been pleased not only by the service given by Sunrise, but also that I can call at any time and Mike will have someone taking care of me as soon as possible, even if I do not have an emergency.I just had Mike come and clean grout in my kitchen, bathroom and mud and washroom. I had a few spots on an area rug and in our big family room. Not only did he clean the spots but the whole rug and family room at no additional cost.The grout in my kitchen looks wonderful. Mike called and asked me if I would be interested in a sealer for the floor. (He put an additional coat on for no charge).When I came home and saw my floor I was so excited. I was so unhappy about how awful my floor looked before he came, and was not sure how it would turn out. It was so worth having him clean and seal my floor and grout. I once again love the floor in my kitchen and will definitely be doing this every year from now on.Thank You Mike for making my job at home so much nicer and easier.Rhonda

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    Rhonda Floyd

Sunrise Cleaning provides services throughout Shelley ID, including 83274.

Sunrise is a division of Tobin Restoration. If you have an emergency, call our 24/7 number.
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